About Me

My 16 years as an interior designer includes five-plus years of residential, new construction luxury homes, and ten as a commercial furniture designer. My diverse and well-rounded career allows me to approach projects with creativity, technical ability, project organization, and client relationship management. These skills synergize, providing dynamic and beautiful solutions to delight clients while maintaining open and active communication and on-time, on-budget delivery.

A vital component to a successful outcome is communication with the client and any supporting project or construction teams allowing us to translate the design intent and culture into spaces that are beautiful, functional, on time, and on budget.

My design approach combines the creative with the technical, whether in a home or a workspace, creating floorplans to enable flow and highlight decor, finishes, and fabrics. I am passionate about achieving a cohesive design in any project ranging from home office to master bathrooms to color consultations to start-up office space. 




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When not killing it in the cutthroat and competitive world of corporate furniture design I travel, read, and eat.

I adore flowers, painted doors, chandeliers and anything that sparkles. If you sent me an envelope filled with glitter I would consider you friend not foe.

Other things I love: my niece and nephews, funny people, sarcasm, and Chicago.  I grew up on farm in a small town 40 miles outside Chicago but live in San Francisco.  You can take the girl out of the Midwest but I will never say “soda” it will always be “pop”.

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