New Blog, Who This

Hello.  Welcome to my new blog, Whatchamacallit.  Called so because I am just not sure what this blog wants to be yet.  I have aspirations of posting high brow, high design content that inspires me and by extension you.  Travel, lovely design, flowers, sparkles, and doors lots and lots of doors.  I have a confession, I have been blogging for 12 years but not with much success or consistency.  I have always wanted to get regular about posting, but truthfully I feel daunted about what is okay to post and how to credit, and all that business of being a lifestyle guru. So I have always posted completely original content - copy, photos, thoughts for better or for worse. So if you are seeing this now, let’s see where this goes.

If you want to check out my OG blog good for laughs anyway!  

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