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  1. Novemblahs

    No fall feels.  No fucks given about the impending holidays.  November is ugly - gray and bare.  

  2. Lisa Loves: Hem Offcut Plates

    Swoon! This new limited collection designed by Fabien Cappello for perennial favorite Hem is vibrant, eye-popping, and maximalist: Offcut Plates was inspired by the designer’s adopted city, Guadalajara. Creatively driven by Mexican street design as well as the color and architecture of the city. The origin story that resulted in…

  3. Project - Black, white and gray bathroom with nautical flair

    Welcome to a black, gray, and white bathroom with patterned details and nautical art. Sounds like a lot, right? This apartment bathroom’s bones were hardly inspirational stock gray and white 12x12 marble tiles in the shower, white paint, sink, vanity, and toilet; however, I saw a blank slate. I had…

  4. New Blog, Who This

    Hello.  Welcome to my new blog, Whatchamacallit.  Called so because I am just not sure what this blog wants to be yet.  I have aspirations of posting high brow, high design content that inspires me and by extension you.  Travel, lovely design, flowers, sparkles, and doors lots and lots of…

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