We were awarded this project after bidding with 2 other furniture manufacturer's. The RFP stated design was a driving factor in the decision however price also played a big part. The client signed a lease in a downtown building. The scope of the project is 75 workstations, reception, 4 conference rooms, and several areas requiring ancillary furniture.

The client is downsizing from a current culture of private offices and large workstations to a much smaller footprint of 6'x6.' In August 2013, we installed a mock up of a cluster of 4 workstations to give the end users an opportunity to feel for the new station size, seen below.  I have worked with the designer to come up with a station that provides ample personal storage maximizes the work space and keeps the overall design sleek and warm with pops of color to work with the overall design intent.

This project installed in November of 2013.

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