The scope was remodeling and providing 190 workstations for client on 2 floors. The end users were used to working in cubicles with 70" tall panels. The concept for the overall space was to open it allowing everyone, not just private office constituents, access to the daylight and beautiful views of the ballpark and bay. With that in mind we lowered the horizon of the workstation, made it more open facilitating collaborative work areas with crisp white and light gray surfaces and supports with bold pops of blue and red.

This was my first project that involved product blending. There were a few growing pains along the way, to ensure stability for saftey while still giving the client the flexibilty to move and grow without having to be tied to one particular layout. The client is happy with both the aesthitic and the flexibilty. Product blending is a great way to offer the client something more customized than the standard cubicle

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